VANCOUVER -- Two Vancouver 18-year-olds were arrested Wednesday for assault after they staged a Halloween prank involving a realistic ax attack, police said.

One of the teens, dressed in a motorcycle jacket and helmet, would use a fake ax to pretend he was attacking the other. He would then charge toward witnesses, pretending they were next, said Kim Kapp of the Vancouver Police Department.

The unsuspecting victims believed they were about to be attacked with a real ax, she said. Victims called police on two separate occasions to report the attacks.

I believed we were going to die, said victim Lyne Farness. The whole time I'm screaming at my kids, 'Go, go, go!'

Farness said she and her family were still shaken long after the prank was over.

I couldn't sleep, and I close my eyes and I see him coming at us with that ax, she said. Even after he said it was a joke and he left, I didn't feel safe.

Police tracked down the suspects, who said they were pranking people and videotaping their reactions.

Kapp said Pavel V. Krivov and Petru G. Tomcac, both of Vancouver, were arrested for assault and booked into the Clark County Jail, no joke.

Kapp said revelers should not take realistic weapons with them when they celebrate Halloween.

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