PORTLAND -- The relatively new surface of the Morrison Bridge is literally coming loose at the seams two years after new panels were installed.

The surface renovation cost $5 million in 2011. But screws are loosening and cracks are appearing between the fiber-reinforced polymer panels.

That s worrying some Portland drivers. I don t drive across it that often, but it feels kind of wobbly, said driver Kallie Kurtz.

City officials said they were not expecting so much wear so soon.

It s a surprise, said Mike Pullen, spokesman for Multnomah County, who said the Broadway Bridge had a similar product installed 8 years ago and is performing fine.

County officials said taxpayers should not have to pay for a costly fix.

Some question whether the contractor hired by the county is responsible for the problems. But the county said they aren t blaming anyone for the problem yet.

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