CLACKAMAS, Ore. The baseball field at Oregon Trail Elementary was dedicated Thursday to a 7-year-old who died in a crash into the Columbia River last December.

On the field is the spray painted quote Today is going to be my best day. It was what 7-year-old Jake Arntson used to say all the time.

Arntson died in a car accident in the Gorge when his dad, John Arntson, hit ice on Interstate 84. His truck jumped the guardrail and landed in the river.

Background: 7-year-old boy dies after truck slides into river

John Arntson is the head baseball coach at Clackamas High School. Since the accident, his team and community have rallied around them. The field is Arntson's way thanking them, and honoring Jake.

The two things he loved, he loved his school, he loved going there and he loved playing baseball. The kids his age, they needed a place to play, so like I said, it was an opportunity to give back, and I know we're making him proud by doing this, Arntson said.

The whole school came out to dedicate the field Thursday. The Arntsons used money left over from Jake s memorial fund, donations from local businesses, and volunteers to build it.

They don't plan on naming the field but a lot of people just call it Jake s field. His dad calls it his field of dreams.

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KGW reporter Katherine Cook contributed to this report.

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