PORTLAND Kyron Horman s parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young, made a rare joint appearance Tuesday when they spoke on the Dr. Phil show to discuss their son's disappearance and warning signs they may have missed.

The Kyron Horman case grabbed national headlines after the young boy went missing in 2010. His parents have both said they believe Kaine s wife, Terri, is responsible for Kyron s disappearance, although she has never been named as an official suspect in the case. Terri was also accused of hiring a landscaper to murder Kaine.

With her voice breaking, Young discussed the moments after Kyron disappeared and when she first started to suspect that Terri had done something to her son, who went missing from his school during a science fair.

An estranged relationship

Kaine and Desiree sat across from each other Tuesday on the set of Dr. Phil, the popular talk show. Dr. Phil asked Young and Horman why they hadn t spoken in three years.

I don t blame Kaine for Kyron s disappearance, Young said. However, the things I have a hard time with is the fact that I feel that things were happening in the year prior to Kyron going missing that I was bringing attention to.

Young turned to address her ex-husband. I don t know if you were busy with your life or not, but it was just ignored, she said through tears. I feel like in that, we failed Kyron. We didn t protect him, she said.

Horman defended himself, saying that Terri deliberately intercepted his communications.

I never saw your emails, he said. Her and I never spoke about them. I didn t even know about it.

Dr. Phil asked Horman if he noticed Terri behaving inappropriately around Kyron. Did you miss things? Dr. Phil asked.

Absolutely I did, Horman said. The economy was going in a really bad direction for all of us. I was focused on work.

I spent a lot of time focused on my kids, focused on my job, and I didn t focus on [Terri], Horman said. But most normal people aren t investigating their spouse on a day-to-day basis.

History of infidelity

During the interview, Desiree accused Kaine of having an affair during their marriage. She said that his continued infidelity may have been the reason Terri might have committed a crime.

I said, Kaine, a perfect stranger did not walk into the school and take my son. I know that you guys are having marital problems, she said.

Young turned to Dr. Phil. I believe that he was having an affair on Terri, she said. I told Kaine that when you are married to the devil, and you give her a reason to be pissed off, all of your sins are going to come back and here we are in this situation.

New clues to the case

Young also said there were other clues that led to her suspicion of Terri. She discussed how Kyron s poor eyesight meant he never ventured far away from people he was familiar with.

I am confident Kyron would have never left the school on his own. He would have been with somebody he knew, Young said.

She said she doubted Terri from the start of the investigation.

The first red flag for me was lying about the science fair and the school that day, Young said. She lied about where she was positioned when she saw Kyron and the place that she saw him.

Although Kyron Horman s parents have been estranged, Kaine said he absolutely shares Desiree s suspicion.

She talked about failing polygraphs, she gave us her account of what happened that day, Horman said. The stories didn t line up.

Tension in Horman marriage

Horman also said Terri might have had a drinking problem. In 2005, she was charged with a DUI and child endangerment for having her older son in the backseat of the car while she was driving under the influence.

Horman said his marriage to Terri had been on the rocks, and they were discussing getting a divorce.

Young said that according to Terri s emails, Terri wrote that she and Kaine had been up until 3 a.m. fighting the night before Kyron went missing.

She told him she was [expletive] done with it all, that she was moving back to Roseburg, that they were getting a divorce, and that it was going to be Friday. The day Kyron went missing, Young said.

Kaine denied the allegations, saying it had been a normal day for him.

We didn t fight at all, he said. The actual activities don t match the emails.

Although the couple disagreed on some details, after Dr. Phil s insistence, they agreed to begin communicating again.

Our job as parents is to protect our kids, Young said.

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