SANDY, Ore. -- Hundreds of victims are out tens of thousands of dollars in a series of credit card fraud cases in Sandy.

Originally, the stolen credit card numbers were being used in Florida and California. Now identity thieves are walking into banks in Washington, and the Portland metro area and walking out with hundreds in cash.

Background: Computer virus behind Sandy credit card thefts

Identity thieves and fraud cost Robin Dean of Sandy s Antiques & More $2,000. Its money he believes he ll never get back, and as a small business owner, it hurts.

After dealing with the banks, and unfortunately the police department as well, what are they going to do? They tell me they don t have enough manpower up there, which they probably don t, he said.

Sandy police said the number of fraud victims in this latest identity theft ring is now more than 100.

Some of these suspects have used the cards to withdraw $1,000 cash advances, which apparently all you need is a card and a signature, said Sam Craven with Sandy police.

Surveillance photos show some of the criminals using stolen credit card numbers. Police said they established the credit cards were compromised at two locations in Sandy, the Dairy Queen and the Fred Meyer gas station.

They say computer systems were hacked by either a virus or malware, and they re now looking at how those computers were hacked.


KGW investigative reporter Chris Willis contributed to this report.

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