SANDY, Ore. A computer virus was determined to be culprit behind a series of credit card thefts in Sandy.

The U.S. Secret Service determined the virus infected local business computer systems. It narrowed the probable locations to a Dairy Queen and possibly a Fred Meyer gas station.

The malware reportedly captures credit card information and sends it electronically to someone else, most likely offshore, before the information is sold on the black market and used until the card is canceled.

Sandy police on Tuesday were investigating the operation after a large number of credit card fraud reports were filed recently.

Sandy-area residents filed around 20 credit card fraud reports in the past three weeks alone, according to a spokesman for the Sandy Police Department.

We expect that there are more [fraudulent charges] out there that people haven't reported, said Officer Sam Craven of the Sandy police.

Victims said they saw charges on their credit and debit cards from businesses in California and Florida ranging from $5 to $1200.

Anyone who has seen a potentially fraudulent credit card charge was asked to report it immediately.

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