PORTLAND -- On Thursday morning, Multnomah County Chair Jeff Cogen said he would not resign despite pressure from his fellow members of the county board of commissioners in the wake of his sex scandal with subordinate Sonia Manhas.

Photo timeline: Jeff Cogen Scandal

Timeline: Jeff Cogen scandal

-- Friday, Sept. 6:Jeff Cogen resigns as Multnomah County Chair. Marissa Madrigal appointed interim Chair.

-- Wednesday, Sept. 4: Jeff Cogen's Chief of Staff, Marissa Madrigal resigns for job at county's Human Resources Department.

-- Thursday, July 25: Jeff Cogen announces he will not resign as Multnomah County Chair despite the four county commissioners calling for him to step down.

Watch: Cogen speaks at commissioners meeting

-- Thursday, July 25: Commissioners vote unanimously to call for Cogen's resignation in resolution at Thursday's county board meeting.

Watch: Loretta Smith speaks at commissioners meeting

Watch: Deborah Kafoury speaks at commissioners meeting

-- Wednesday, July 24: The Oregon Attorney General begins a criminal investigation into Jeff Cogen's affair with Sonia Manhas to determine if there was an abuse of power.

-- Wednesday, July 24: Sonia Manhas resigns as county health department policy and planning director.

--Tuesday, July 23: Jeff Cogen gives an emotional 30-minute interview with KGW's Laural Porter were he expresses remorse for his actions and says he will not resign as Multnomah County Chair.

Watch: Cogen's full interview with KGW

-- Monday, July 21: Jeff Cogen returns to work at Multnomah County.

-- Friday, July 19: Multnomah County releases documents to KGW including emails, calendars, and expense reports, which show Manhas and Cogen's professional relationship, and also gives a glimpse into their personal lives.

Read: Emails between Cogen and Manhas

-- Thursday, July 18:Multnomah County Attorney' office begins official investigation into Cogen and Manhas' relationship.

-- Wednesday, July 17: Jeff Cogen admits affair with county employee Sonia Manhas and apologizes for his actions.

-- Monday, July 15:An anonymous email is sent from someone claiming to be a Multnomah County employee saying he or she has seen Cogen and Manhas kissing in a booth at a Portland bar and in front of the Kenton Library, among a few other sightings.

-- April, 2013: Manhas uses vacation hours to join Cogen while he attends an economic development conference in Atlanta.

-- July, 10, 2012: Jeff Cogen is a professional reference on Sonia Manhas' application for directory of policy and planning with the county health department.

-- Feb 6-8, 2012: Cogen and Manhas take a work-related trip to Atlanta where they sit next to each other on a flight and stay in hotel rooms on the same floor of a hotel. Cogen told KGW his affair with Manhas started before this trip took place.

-- May 2010: Jeff Cogen is elected as Multnomah County chairman.

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