PORTLAND Oregon s unemployment rate for June was 7.9 percent, nearly unchanged from 7.8 percent in May.

According to estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Oregon lost 1,000 jobs in June. This was the first time jobs in Oregon decreased since September 2012.

The sector of leisure and hospitality saw the most growth, with 1,700 new jobs. 800 professional and business jobs were also added.

That was offset by a loss of 2,000 transportation and utilities jobs. 800 educational and health services jobs were also lost, partially due to summer break.

The average wage for private-sector employees was $22.35 per hour, 30 cents more than last year.

Revised estimates showed that Oregon added 4,700 jobs in May, nearly 1,000 more than originally reported.

Oregon still had 158,147 unemployed residents in June.

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