PORTLAND The definition of retirement is quickly changing for the Baby Boom generation, and one group is helping to navigate the uncharted course.

Boomers at the moment represent about 20 percent of the U.S. workforce and when they decide to retire it will have a huge impact on our economy. Every day, 10,000 boomers reach age 65, and that trend will continue until 2030.

But many of those people are delaying retirement, not because they want to work, but because they must.

A group called Elders in Action is helping to educate the aging population on Social Security, health care, housing and investing. And many seniors are finding that they are underprepared for retirement.

Boomers have a lot of work to do before they'll be ready to stop working, said the group s executive director Leslie Foren.

Elders in Action offers a wealth of resources for people who are planning for retirement, are already retired, or are thinking of re-careering.

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KGWBusiness Reporter Joe Smith contributed to this report.

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