PORTLAND -- Traffic the 4th of July holiday is in full swing. It's one of the busiest travel holidays of the year and also one of the deadliest on roadways, so police are beefing up patrols.

Police are urging drivers to be careful and especially avoid drinking and driving. Oregon State Police, along with several local sheriffs' offices, will have extra officers patrolling the roads through the weekend.

Nationally, July 4 is the deadliest single day on the road, and most of those fatal crashes are alcohol related.

If they are feeling the effects of the alcohol, then under absolutely no condition should they be operating a motor vehicle, said Trooper Dan Swift with Oregon State Police. You tie in the fact they've been under the sun all day and it creates a really bad combination.

AAA estimates there will be slightly fewer people traveling this year than last, which is a function of the calendar rather than the economy.

Last year, July 4 was on a Wednesday, so a lot of people planned for longer vacations.

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