PORTLAND -- The heat wave gripping the western U.S. is one of the worst in years. Portland is already seeing the hottest temperatures of the year so far. The National Weather Service put out a heat advisory Sunday afternoon, which was expected to last until Tuesday evening.

On Friday the metro area hit 92 degrees, which kicked off a mini heat wave that scorched the valley. Temps will stay hot through Tuesday with highs expected to hit 97 degrees or more Monday and Tuesday, according to KGW Meteorologist Nick Allard.

Three people drowned and two disappeared after high temperatures sent swimmers into oceans and rivers across the state. Emergency crews were stressing the importance of life jackets.

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Doctors were urging people not to overdo it, even though they said it will be tempting to get outside and make the most of the weather. Also, make sure to check on family members who may not have air conditioners and may not be as mobile or active.

With prolonged hot weather, what I tend to worry about is people who live at home and don't have air conditioners and might be older and might not be as active, said Dr. Ritu Sahni from Providence Health.

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Doctors advised parents to interrupt children's playtime occasionally to make sure they get a chance to cool off.

Officials also urged pet owners to watch out for signs of heat stroke. Never leave your pet in the car on a hot day and make sure they get plenty of water and shade.

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The 4th of July should be dry with morning clouds giving way to highs near the mid-80s.

Meanwhile, many areas in the rest of the western U.S. were gripped by 100-plus-degree temps. Authorities said 200 people were treated for heat problems as temperatures soared at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

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