VANCOUVER -- The fireworks stands are open in Clark County. For those living in the county it's legal to set them off from now until July 4. However, if you live in the city of Vancouver, you can buy them, but can't light them until July 1.

Minutes after the sales started you could hear the sound of crackling fireworks. This is big business in Clark County. Many stands help fund different charities and church groups.

The county fire marshal has been closely inspecting the stands to make sure all the fireworks are legal.

So far, everything looks good ,said Fire Marshal Heidi Scarpelli.

She's asking everyone to be extra careful setting off fireworks since the forecast is sizzling.

Every year we have fireworks where people put the spent fireworks in a paper bag, put it next to the house and it sets the house on fire, said Scarpelli.

While high flying mortars are legal in Clark County, firecrackers and bottle rockets are not. It's all different in Oregon where any firework that flies or explodes is banned.

Oregon Fire Marshal Mark Wallace says most fireworks related injuries in Oregon are related to mortars, which are prohibited statewide, but people still bring them across the river.

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