EDDYVILLE, Ore. A man who was critically injured Sunday evening after getting hit by a car on Highway 20 near Eddyville died in a Corvallis hospital Wednesday.

Police received a report of a naked man acting erratically on Highway 20, said Lt. Gregg Hastings, Public Information Officer for the Oregon State Police.

Shortly after that report, police received another call that the man was involved in a car crash.

According to police, witnesses said Amos McLean, 38, of Eddyville was moving around in the center of the highway, waving branches and shouting. He then entered a vehicle, removed a box of mail and sat down in the center of the westbound lane of Highway 20.

McLean attacked the side of a pickup truck pulling a travel trailer driven by Ron Simpson, 57, of Salem, when Simpson stopped after seeing McLean on the highway.

As Simpson pulled forward and away from McLean, the travel trailer Simpson was pulling collided with McLean, knocking him to the pavement.

McLean was taken to a Corvallis hospital for treatment with critical injuries where he later died. Police said the reason for his erratic behavior is unknown.

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