PORTLAND -- The young girl burned in a bizarre fire sparked by hand sanitizer in February was on a plane that made an emergency landing Sunday after she had a seizure.

Ireland Lane, 12, left PDX Sunday morning, heading to Ontario, Calif. for a week-long camp. Hours later, she was back in Portland because her plane had to land in Reno when she had the seizure.

Ireland is a cancer survivor who suffered burns over 18 percent of her body after a fire was sparked by hand sanitizer and olive oil at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.

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Her father, Stephen Lane, said since the burns, Ireland has suffered from pseudo-seizures that aren't dangerous but can alarm others nearby.

Ireland was invited to the Angel Faces camp while she was in the hospital. Her flight and retreat were all paid for by the nonprofit organization for young burn and trauma victims, and she has been excited for her short journey to California for months.

Stephen Lane said he told Alaska Airlines that since it was Ireland s first time flying alone, stress could bring on a seizure, which is what happened.

And they forgot to inform the flight attendants, and so when she had one on the plane, they got scared and re-routed the plane to Reno, said Ireland s father Stephen.

Ireland ended up in the Reno hospital emergency room. Hours later when everything was sorted out, Ireland was flown back to Portland.

Ireland will be spending a week at camp just for girls who have been burned or disfigured. Her dad said she's been looking forward to it for months.

Alaska Airlines released the following statement Sunday night:

When a passenger experiences an onboard medical issue, our flight crews work with any medical professionals onboard the aircraft and by radio with medical personnel on the ground. In many cases, and especially in a situation such as this one involving an unaccompanied minor, the flight crew will land at the nearest airport to ensure the passenger receives the care they need by paramedics or at a hospital.

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