PORTLAND Someone stole a watch from a store at the Washington Square Mall and employees worry he may strike again.

One store employee who works at Kay Jewelers said at 10 a.m. Saturday, a man walked into the jewelry store and asked to see a watch. When the employee pulled out the watch, the suspect grabbed it and ran.

There were two or three customers that had been in Kay s that had chased after the guy, the employee said.

But the man got away.

Tigard police said the watch was valued at about $1,500. The incident shook employees, especially the woman working the counter.

She was totally doing everything right, pulled one item out for the guy and he just grabbed it and took off, the employee said.

Now, Tigard police say they're looking into whether the incident Saturday at Washington Square Mall is related to a similar incident Saturday at Fred Meyer on Walker Road in Beaverton.

Witnesses said in that case, the clerk held onto the jewelry the man asked to see, and when he tried to take it, the clerk wouldn't let go.

The man then took off empty-handed.

It's the boldness of the crimes that has store employees concerned.

I just don't want it to get to the point where he continues to escalate. People's safety is my main concern. I don't want this to get violent, the employee said.

The witnesses got a good description of the man. He's a tall white man in his 20s to 30s and has a scar along the right side of his nose. He has very bad teeth and took off in an older model gray Jeep with a black passenger door.

The Jeep does not have a license plate, but it does have a temporary tag sticker on the back. If you have any information, call Tigard police.

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