CORVALLIS, Ore. -- It hasn't happened in six years and now the Oregon State University baseball team is headed to the College World Series.

The team heads to Omaha, Nebraska on Thursday.

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It was so loud and everyone was freaking out. Facebook started blowing up, twitter. It was pretty cool, said Dana Dunning, a senior studying microbiology.

Her friend, Sneha Aisola, also a senior studying microbiology, agreed with all the excitement coming from Goss Stadium.

We were in a closed building, but we could hear it through the walls, she said.

The sentiment was repeated all over campus.

I'm going to predict they're going to win the entire thing, being a Beavers' fan, said Daniel Kloepfer, a graduate student who attended two of the most recent games at Goss.

The City Barber Shop has been around since the 1920s and it has become a bit of a museum with Oregon State's baseball memorabilia.

Debbie Sedgwick has owned the barber shop for seventeen years, but has worked there for the past twenty-two.

The last customer, yeah, he's waiting to load up his motorhome and go to Omaha, yep, she said.

And she said that was the theme she was hearing from her customers. Many are heading to Omaha to watch the Beavers play.

Bursts Chocolate in downtown Corvallis has been getting in on the game making chocolate bats, baseballs and chocolate baseball players.

Erin Rainey said it's been fun making the chocolate for the baseball season.

The Beavers mean everything to this community so this whole town has been living and dying and exulting lately in what the Beavers have been doing on the diamond, said Mike Parker, sports announcer known as the voice of the Beavers.

There's really something special about baseball and the fact that these great teams at Oregon State have been built on northwest kids, said Parker.

One of those kids, star pitcher Matt Boyd from Mercer Island, Washington told KGW he'sgrateful for the opportunity to play in the College World Series.

We're looking forward to it, said Boyd.

When asked about winning Monday night, he said, It was crazy. My phone diedI had so many texts and twitter notifications. It was over the top. The support and love that we get from all over the nation and the northwest, we just love that support.

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