A standoff in Fife ended early Friday morning after Pierce Metro SWAT shot and killed a man who had held his 4-year-old son hostage for over four hours.

The standoff began shortly after 10 p.m. when Fife police officers responded to the reports of a domestic violence assault in the 200 block of 55th Avenue East. A woman reported her adult son was highly intoxicated, depressed over the death of a close friend, and would not release his son into her care.

The man had called his mother to come get his child Thursday evening, but then became angry and forcibly removed his son from her car when she tried to leave with the child.

The suspect's mother was concerned for her grandson's welfare and followed the man and child into the residence. However, the man grabbed her arm, struck her, and prevented her from called 911. The woman was able to escape and called 911.

Officers spoke with the man over the telephone for hours. Initially he said he would not release the child, would not come to the door, and was armed with a pistol.

Negotiators from Pierce Metro SWAT spoke with the man for hours. Eventually he agreed to release the child, but only to his mother, the child's grandmother.

He brought his son out on to the porch, but then attempted to pull the child back into the house. At this time SWAT engaged with the suspect, who was hit by gunfire.

He was treated by Tacoma Fire Department medics and transported to St. Joseph's hospital, where the suspect died of his injuries.

The suspect was flagged by law enforcement as armed and dangerous, had prior hostile contacts with police and a number of prior arrests.

The son and grandmother are safe, and have been reunited with the child's mother.

The investigation of the incident is ongoing.

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