PORTLAND A Willamette University student says she was targeted by a member of the Sigma Chi Delta Zeta fraternity, which was recently suspended for crude and sexist social media posts.

Emily Burke is a student at the school and says she was a victim of domestic violence. She said she came forward because she doesn't want anyone else to go through what she has.

She said her ex-boyfriend was a member of Sigma Chi and when she reported that he had abused her, the man was suspended from campus for two years.

But just days ago, someone exposed the fraternity's private Facebook page. Her ex-boyfriend and several of his fraternity brothers had posted violent, misogynistic comments about Emily and others.

Background: Willamette U. frat members banned after Facebook posts

A lot of the other fraternity men, I guess, didn't want to believe it or felt I was exaggerating the truth, she said. It feels a little better that I m not the only one a lot of people can see this now.

Sigma Chi voted to ban 12 brothers from the fraternity. The university has suspended the entire fraternity chapter pending the outcome of their investigation. University vice president Kristen Grainger said she is also forming a Sexual Assault Task Force to investigate student concerns about harrassment and abuse.

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Burke said she doesn't want to see the entire fraternity punished, just those who are actually responsible.

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