PORTLAND -- It's difficult to imagine how anyone could start over after going through something like an abduction or other violent crime, but one local woman said she unfortunately knows what it s like.

Michaelle Dierich was held captive and tortured for a week in Hillsboro in 1990. Prosecutors called the crime scene a house of horrors, equipped with steel bars and chains.

There was no way to escape, none, there was no way, she recalled. I was in a closet or in some form of shackles, handcuffs, locks, chained to a floor of a closet, there was no way to escape.

Investigators said two brothers held Dierich hostage and treated her as a sex slave. She got away after a week in captivity and led police to the home. There investigators found photos of other girls who had been held captive there.

Unfortunately there's just no way not to remember it vividly, and a lot of times there is no way to put it into words, Dierich said. It is hard to explain to somebody else, when I don't know how to explain the terror to myself.

In 2007, Vance Roberts was convicted and sentenced to more than 100 years in prison for the kidnappings, but his brother Paul Jackson remains at large.

Dierich testified against Vance Roberts at his trial. She now lives in Idaho. She is married and finds strength through her faith. But she can't shake the nightmare that stays with her every single day.

She also said it s difficult knowing one of her kidnappers is still out there.

She s afraid Paul Jackson could put someone else through the unspeakable horror she went through.

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