OREGONCITY -- Zach Losness was skateboarding last Friday night along South Glen Oak Road in Oregon City when he heard and felt something unusual.

I jumped off and felt my back and knew there was a wound there and I pulled my fingers out and saw that there was blood, said Zach.

You could tell he was in pain but we didn't think it was anything too serious judging by the wound, added friend Loren Hickman.

Losness tried to sleep it off, but the pain was excruciating. When he woke up Saturday morning he went to the hospital. An x-ray showed something stuck in his liver.

Whatever Ihad been shot with was lodged so far into my liver that it came this close to hitting a main vein that goes to my heart and I could've basically bled out and died from it, said Zach.

After hearing what doctors had to say, Losness filed a police report.

A preliminary investigation indicates that somebody shot Losness with a pellet gun. If you have any information, call OregonCity Police.

If Ihad to guess I'd say someone was aiming at me, said Zach.

Losness is not just worried about himself. He is concerned about the neighborhood. Where this happened is just blocks from Oregon City High School.

Something like this happens and it shakes you up, said Zach.

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