BEAVERTON, Ore.-- Kylie Hornych loved pandas, peace signs and making people smile. Her friends and family say she always overflowed with wisdom and compassion far beyond her 11 years. She was killed in an instant by an out of control driver, while playing in her front yard, right in front of her father.

I got to be with her the first day of her life and unfortunately, I

guess its a blessing, I was there on her last day and had her take her last breath into my mouth, said Kylie's father Daniel.

Her young classmates and friends appeared to help this devastated family, by having the courage to share loving memories over the microphone.

She was a really an amazing girl and was gorgeous and beautiful beyond all belief, said one of her best friends.

She always loved to laugh and giggle and never gave up on anything or anybody, said another.

She was amazing and so nice to everybody and generous as well, another classmate said.

Kylie's father was deeply touched, but explained he wasn't crying during the service because Kylie was helping him on the inside. He explained there is no understanding why Kylie was taken so soon. He said his family's goal is to find some kind of peace. Kylie's friends appeared to help with that.

Kylie wrote a story the night before she died and it read: To be continued...

Her mom hopes all of us can somehow finish Kylie's story.

I hope this horrific tragedy brings people together and makes them think and makes them love, said her mother. We want everyone to love each other in the name of Kylie.

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