PORTLAND -- People walking through the South Park Blocks Tuesday had to side-step work crews who were aerating the lawns as well as spreading grass seed and fertilizer.

The green space is just one of more than 200 parks and green-ways managed by Portland Parks and Recreation. The new grass should begin showing over the next 7-10 days and will likely cover the park blocks with a carpet of green by mid-to late April, officials predicted.

This is the perfect germination time for seed, because the soil is starting to warm up an leaves are not on the trees yet, so we still have good sunlight for seeds to germinate, Danielle Ferguson, Parks and Rec. supervisor said.

The grass seed will germinate each hour the temperature holds at 48 degrees or warmer, he added.

Portland's newest park in the northeast corner of the Pearl District is set to open May 6th. The Fields Park will feature a playground, large green space for summer movies, concerts and an off-leash dog area.

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