SALEM -- An Oregon lawmaker wants the state to fund a new study to analyze the damage that studded tires cause to roads, then pass the costs of repairs on to drivers who use them.

It's estimated that studded tires cause $40 million to $50 million in damage to Oregon roads each year. But that's according to a study conducted ten years ago by the Oregon Department of Transportation. Oregon State Representative Mitch Greenlick said it's time for a new study, and then it's time for some changes in the way repair costs are covered.

Greenlick (D) of Portland, said he's pursuing a second piece of legislation, which would create a yearly travel permit that drivers who use studded tires would have to purchase. The money from these permits would help cover repairs to roads.

He said studded tire legislation needs to evolve, following results of a new road damage study.

Legislators in the House Transportation and Economic Development Committee previously considered three different bills that involved charging drivers a fee for using studded snow tires.

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