SALEM -- A Salem teen, hit by a truck that did not stop last Friday night, is recovering in a Portland hospital.

She and her mother wonder why the driver did not stay and help.

Kathryn Staudinger waits at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, her left leg is a surgical boot and wrist wrapped in gauze, for her teen-aged bones to heal.

I knew I got hit, she said.

Kathryn and a friend had ridden their long boards to 7-11 for a snack in Southeast Salem. She recalled waiting for the light to change to green, then cruising into the crosswalk on her long board.

Suddenly a truck was driving right at her.

I was standing there and I saw it and I just froze and I couldn t move. I saw the headlights and it didn t, like swerve or anything. It just kept going, she said.

The driver left the scene, even after hitting the 14-year-old girl.

I think it s terrible, Kathryn's mom Lorrie Thomas said.

The impact broke Kathryn s left leg, four ribs and her wrist.

Background:Police investigate Salem hit-and-run crash

I think it s terrible and cruel and I m just thankful she's alive, her mother said, as she gazed at Kathryn in her hospital room.

Lorrie has felt her daughter's pain. It s very scary. Everything just flashes before your eyes, she said.

That's right, Lorrie, the mom, was also hit by a car a handful of years ago.

When I got hit, I was looking for that car and hoping that he stopped, Lorrie said.

He did, but it added to a long list of hardships for mother and her daughter. Correct. My husband passed away, I ve had nine surgeries on my left hip and you know, I ve got the bum shoulder from getting hit by the car, Lorrie said. We've had some bad luck.

It s just the two of them and now Kathryn feels hobbled.

It s pretty hard just to think about because I help my mom a lot around the apartment and I help her go up the stairs. And now it s pretty hard because I have to do that to myself and help myself with that, Kathryn said.

They are both broken but convinced better days lie ahead. Still, they wonder about that driver. It makes me sad because I just wish he would have said 'sorry' instead of just kept going. He didn t have enough courage or he wasn t brave enough to say sorry. He just did it, Kathryn said.

The hit-and-run vehicle was described as a 1980 s F-150 pickup, light brown in color, or rusted. It will likely have right-side front-end damage.

Anyone with information about the suspect vehicle or the hit-and-run was urged to call the Marion County Sheriff s Office.

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