PORTLAND - Gas prices in Oregon are six cents higher than last week. Nationally, they've risen for 32 days straight.

According to AAA the national average is $3.73 a gallon. In Oregon, things aren't as bad. We're about 10 cents below that at $3.63.

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But with drivers getting ready for spring break travel, here are some ways to save:

1) Turn off your car. If you idle more than 20 seconds you're wasting gas.

2) Warm up on the go. Drive at least ten minutes before turning on your heater. It will work more efficiently and cut down on gas use.

3) Go easy on the gas pedal. Every five miles-per-hour you drive over 60 mph will cost you about 24 cents more a gallon.

4) Lighten your load.

Keeping junk out of your trunk ... if you re carrying landscaping rocks in the back of your truck you're paying just to ship those around, said Jen Coleman with Oregon Environmental Council.

According to Coleman for every extra 100 pounds you carry in your car you use two percent more gas.

So what's driving up the gas prices?

According to AAA, it s a combination of factors including rising crude oil prices, refinery shutdowns and the switch over to more expensive, cleaner-burning summer blends of fuel.

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