MEDFORD A judge in Southern Oregon has been censured by the Oregon Supreme Court after an outburst at a sex offender s sentencing last month.

Judge Timothy Barnack was sentencing defendant Richard Taylor to 21 life sentences in prison for the abuse of two 12-year-old boys.

At sentencing on January 21, 2012, Barnack said he hoped Taylor rots in prison, referred to him in derogatory terms, commented that the community may ask why he was not hanging from a tree.

Taylor declined to speak at his sentencing.

The judge admitted losing control of his emotions and acknowledged his comments were inappropriate according to a January, 2013 court document.

Jurors in the case had watched videos of evidence in the case that were so disturbing, some sought counseling, a court document showed.

The judge said Taylor showed an unsympathetic attitude towards his victims.

Judge Barnack later sent an email to county judges to apologize.

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