PORTLAND, Ore. Ducks fans are reacting to the news that the football coach who was staying, is now gone. Chip Kelly will be the next coach of the NFL s Philadelphia Eagles. The news came to people as the Duck Store opened in downtown Portland.

Ya, it came as a surprise. I mean after last week, after everyone heard he was gonna stay; I did have to take a double take, said Duck Store employee Ben Gesler.

At 750 AM The Game radio station KGW sports analyst John Canzano went on the air early, and fielded calls.

One caller said, As an Eagles fan I would say that I am not all that excited; for one thing he had an interview and turned the job down, then he turns around and takes the job.

Another caller said, I m a die-hard ducks fan and love chip Kelly but how can you be mad at a guy for going to the next level? It s what we all strive for in our professions.

There are people who are disappointed, there are people who excited that it s over because they were not looking forward to every football season having to go back through, is he staying is he going-- there are people who feel jilted, said Canzano.

Back at the Duck Store, Tim Loun tried to put Coach Kelly s move in perspective.

It s great for Chip, he s a great coach; true Duck fans aren t fans for any one person because the team is always gonna change, the coach is always gonna change. That s where I went to school, I m a duck I ll always be a duck. So next man in, right?

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