PORTLAND -- A fire truck on a steep Southwest Portland hill became stuck on a patch of ice and crashed Wednesday morning, blocking the main road to Oregon Health & Science University.

Portland firefighters were responding to the report of an injured bicyclist on Southwest Sam Jackson Parkway when their truck slid on the ice, said Lt. Damon Simmons of Portland Fire & Rescue.

Photos: Stuck fire truck blocks road to OHSU

The reports are that a bicyclist hit a patch of ice, slipped and fell on the road, Simmons said. Our fire truck got to the bicyclist and right near that point slid into a guard rail, basically hitting the same patch of ice that the bicyclist struck.

The cyclist was taken to OHSU for examination and reportedly suffered no serious injuries.

The truck was blocking the roadway for nearly two hours. A sanding truck eventually cleared the ice and a tow truck pulled the fire truck out of the area just after 9:30 a.m.

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OHSU set up an alert line for patients, visitors and staff that will have updates about road closures and weather issues. That number is: 503-494-9021.

Sam Jackson Road is prioritized by city transportation officials as an emergency response route, which means it is treated with de-icing chemicals and monitored closely during inclement weather.

Portland's new mayor said since the roadway is such an important and busy thoroughfare, he feels it's worth re-examining how it's evaluated for these types of dangers.

OHSU is so isolated and can only be reached by a couple of streets Sam Jackson is one of them. So, we ll certainly take another look at what our contingency plans are to make sure those streets are opened always - if at all possible, Mayor Charlie Hales said Wednesday.


KGW reporters Mark Hanrahan and Collette Wieland contributed to this report.

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