PORTLAND -- Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Randy Leonard left elected office Thursday with their final Portland City Council meeting.

The two, who are often allies, did not seek reelection and their terms expire at the end of the year.

Both city leaders have scored victories but also been dealt defeats and criticisms during their tenures. Through it all, Adams said he kept his promises to Portlanders.

I m most proud of the result; and the results are more people are working, and it s from a strategy, not just by chance, he said. More kids are graduating high school because of the team we put together. The city is more sustainable.

Randy Leonard wrapped up a decade as a Portland city commissioner. As fire commissioner, he worked to get a $72 million bond measure passed to replace fire trucks and rebuild Firehouse 21 that will bear his name.

He also pushed to create new city public bathrooms, and most recently, pushed to fluoridate the city s water supply. While Adams is weighing his next career move, Leonard says he is truly retiring.

It kind of feels like when I graduated from high school: exciting but a little nervous about what s next. It s an experience I haven t had, said Leonard.

Both men s terms expire at the end of the year.

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