PORTLAND - The latest storm front has geologists warning of the potential for landslides in Oregon.

According to the Daily Astorian, a slide near the Clatsop County Jail caused the evacuation of three nearby homes. There were no reports of injuries.

The latest NationalWeather Service alerts call for increased snow in the mountains and Coast Range, along with high winds and heavy rain through the valleys.

The most dangerous places includecanyon bottoms, stream channels, areas of rock and soil accumulation and the bases of steep hillsides, the OregonDepartment of Geology said. Slides can contain boulders and logs and transport those in a fast-moving soil and water slurry.

Homeowners should check drainage of their property. Diverted runoff into a concentrated area can trigger rock and ground movement, especially on steep areas. If there is a flood warning, stay away from rivers and steep slopes, officials say.

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