PORTLAND Elephant calf Lily is ready to make her debut at the Oregon Zoo.

From 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Friday, the zoo will hold visitation hours. That may change -- depending on how she's feeling, zookeepers say.

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Lily has been bonding in private with her mom Rose-Tu since her birth November 30. She's gained a little weight too -- about 16 pounds.

Some animal rights activists said they plan to demonstrate outside the zoo on the day of Lily's debut. They said they want the zoo to end its contract with Have Trunk Will Travel, the company that owns both Lily and her dad, Tusko.

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Zoo visitors should expect to wait in line if they want to see Lily in person. Staff members will bring in groups of 30 people at a time to see her for five minutes. Cameras will be allowed, but no flashes.

She's like any little kid, she's very energetic, said Oregon Zoo Deputy Director Chris Pfefferkorn She runs around, plays with everything in her environment, but when she's tired, she stand or lays down.

Guests coming to see Rose-Tu's new baby were encouraged to bring baby shower gifts for human babies in need. The formula, toys and diapers will be donated to Children's Relief Nursery, a community-based family assistance program of LifeWorks NW.

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