PORTLAND -- Mild temperatures this fall are not producing records, but they are allowing flowers to bloom.

KGW Meteorologist Rod Hill took a photo of a rose (pictured) in his front yard this morning. So far, the lowest temperature at PDX has been 35 degrees, which was reached twice in November.

This is the latest in the season without an official freeze since the fall of 1999. In fact since 1999, 2012 is only the third fall to not have a freezing temperature before December.

The fall of 1999 was the year Rod Hill moved to Portland and his roses were still blooming Christmas week. That year stayed above freezing at PDX until Dec. 24 when the low dropped to 30 degrees.

The average first freeze in Portland is November 8.

The year of 1934 holds the record for no freezing temperatures all year. A few stats to highlight Portland's mild weather include: since October 1, 44 days have averaged above normal temperatures; only 21 days have been cooler than normal; and Portland has had more overnight lows in the 50s than the 30s as of Sunday.

The normal low today is 36 degrees. The normal high is 46.

The 7-day forecast for Portland has no freezing numbers, but it does show a cooler pattern with temperatures likely to be near normal.

The snow on the ground at Government Camp and Skibowl represents one of the few times this season the snow level has been below 4,000 feet.

A white Christmas is always possible, just not likely this year, Rod Hill says.

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