PORTLAND -- Until recent allegations of ballot tampering by a temporary Clackamas County election employee, not many voters questioned whether their vote was safe.

Ballot tampering reported in Clackamas County

Unit 8 put the question to Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown to get some answers.

We are not aware of any other circumstances of a county elections worker involved with voter fraud. This is the first time that we re aware of hearing of a situation like this, Brown said.

The Secretary of State said she s taking this one case very seriously.

This is a violation of the public s trust. It is absolutely unacceptable, Brown said.

Brown said they ve already put an elections monitor in Clackamas County where votes are tallied. She said that s on top of other security measures such as video recording cameras and computer scanning of bar codes to make sure every ballot is counted and counted only once.

If you haven t turned in your vote by mail ballot by today, you should hand deliver it to a ballot drop off area near you.

Election ballot drop box sites

If you ve already sent your ballot in, you can track your ballot where you put your information in, and it will tell you whether your vote has been received.

Track your ballot

The site will not tell you how you voted. That, Secretary of State Brown said, is secret and should always remain so.

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