PORTLAND -- The destructive storm on the East Coast may have you wondering if you're prepared for a disaster.

Experts say in the event of any disaster, whether it be a storm or an earthquake, you need to be prepared to live on your own for at least one week.

Imagine you had no power, no heat, and no way to get to the grocery store, what are the basics supplies you and your family would need?

Experts say everyone should put together an emergency kit.

A good idea is to use an trash can or plastic storage container.

Stock it with plenty of food. It can be either dehydrated or canned.

And put in plenty of water. As a rule of thumb, have a gallon per person per day.

Also, make sure you have a medical first aid kit.

Include some sort of battery operated or hand-crank radio and a flashlight.

Put in some emergency blankets, as well as a a way to charge your cell phone without electricity. That could be a car charger.

And don't forget to include at least a week's supply of any medication you're taking.

Think disaster, said Brian Barker with Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue. Think about all the different tools you're going to need to survive for a week on your own without having police or fire or utilities crews to come help you out.

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