NEW YORK -- Millions are anxiously riding out this storm and that includes many from Portland, trapped in New York City. Tourists stayed glued to the TV in one Upper East Side lobby, as Sandy pounds loudly right outside the hotel door.

It's progressively gotten much worse and a little bit scary, said Nina Mehlhaf, an anchor in Bend, OR visiting NYC with her mom. 'Right at the corner of our hotel, the crosswalk signal light has fallen down onto the sidewalk. We went to the store a couple times and got bottled water and sandwiches but everything is bought out. They closed early, she said.

Her hotel is at Columbus Circle, just three blocks from where a construction crane collapsed. They've just shut down the street in front of our hotel for a seven mile radius. I can't imagine if it skips down the street or slices through a building. It's going to be horrific, she said.

We can hear the wind whipping against the windows, added Bike Portland's Jonathan Maus. I could look out at industrial rooftops and see aluminum siding being ripped off and thrown against the windows.

His first hotel was near the Hudson River, but was evacuated Sunday to a hotel just across the river from Manhattan. The unknown. I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'm just thinking of when I get to go home.

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