PORTLAND The husband of Gresham murder victim Whitney Heichel talked to KGW Wednesday about the murder suspect and the pain he's feeling after losing his wife.

She was a beautiful little girl, a beautiful woman ... it was just her personality and love for people ... there was a lot of people that went to her Starbucks because she worked there, Heichel recalled. I had no idea the amount of love and everything that she had until ... they re just not there anymore.

Clint Heichel said he knew Jonathan Holt and his wife as neighbors and they all attended the same church, but he never thought Holt was obsessed with Whitney, as a source previously told KGW.

He seemed like a shy guy, Heichel said.

Heichel said the Holts had watered their bonsai trees and the Heichels watched the Holts cats while each other were out of town in the past.

We just tried to be the best people we could and not hold a grudge ... there s a bad sheep in every community ... I don t want to make a huge spectacle. What s taken place is horrible, I'm just doing the best I can to keep moving forward without her, he said.

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Holt told investigators he waited outside Heichel's Gresham apartment on October 16 and asked her for a ride, according to the probable cause document. Then, just five minutes into the ride, he pointed a gun at Whitney and forced her to drive to Roslyn Lake and perform sex acts on him.

The court document said that Holt shot and killed Heichel near the lake, on Southeast Thomas Road in Clackamas County, then hid her body near Larch Mountain. She died of multiple gunshot wounds, according to autopsy results.

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