PORTLAND -- Across Portland, there is no shortage of bacon in all things food.

At Pine State Biscuit in Southeast Belmont, Manager Sean McArdle said the business goes through 10 cases of bacon a week, which is about 1,500 pieces.

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So when headlines heeded a bacon shortage warning, McArdle started monitoring pork prices. He said higher bacon prices could mean higher food prices for customers.

We re not really sure how worried we are yet, because it hasn t hit us at all, but it could very well be a big problem and the bosses are very concerned about this and we ll see how it plays out, McArdle said.

Just down the road at Fifty Licks, the maple bacon ice cream is a hot seller. An employee says a shortage could mean the flavor may be taken off the menu.

We might have to push back production of that one for a little bit or maybe get rid of it for a little while and bring it back if the shortage is not a problem anymore, Catherine Larrouy, a Fifty Licks employee added, Or we ll just be paying higher prices for our product, in which cases we ll have to raise what we re charging for it to keep up with our profits.

At Voodoo Donuts in downtown Portland, the bacon maple bar is one of the top sellers.

Employees poke fun at the looming porkocalypse, and co-owner Sara Heise says she s watching pork prices very closely.

Right now, we re just monitoring the bacon prices, if it gets a little crazy, we may have to adjust prices a little bit but never fear, we ll bring them back down when everything is normal but we re not scared. I think everything is going to be great, Heise said.

Customer Larry Raymond drove down from Seattle just for a dozen of bacon maple bars.

I'm a bacon fanatic, I love it! I didn t know there was a bacon shortage, I ve got 3 pounds in my fridge at all times, Raymond said.

Aporkalypse or not, owners at Voodoo Doughnuts says they ll make sure the popular pork flavored treats are here to stay.

We re not too worried, definitely not, we ll find bacon. We ll make sure Portland gets their bacon maple bars, Heise said.

There are some talks that this shortage may not really exist. Either way, business owners and bacon lovers say they'll just roll with the punches.

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