BEAVERTON, Ore. As Beaverton students returned to school Tuesday, many parents were complaining about the larger class sizes created by budget cuts.

At Nancy Ryles Elementary School, there are now only three classrooms for 1st graders. Each class has more than 35 students.

Parents said they knew that classes would be larger this year, but didn t find out until last week exactly how many kids would be in each class.

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Parent Joe Oetker said he was shocked to see 37 students on the roster for his daughter s class Tuesday.

While I'm sure the teachers here are going to do a great job and I'm sure everybody is working as hard as they can, this is just not a good situation, he told KGW.

Oetker said he and his wife may choose to move their daughter to another school now.

The Beaverton School District had to cut more than $30 million from its budget before this school year. They also laid off hundreds of teachers and moved others around.

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The principal at Nancy Ryles said she understands parents concerns but teachers will do what they need to, to keep standards high.

We are very committed to each and every one of our students here at school. We have an amazing support staff. They will help soften the blow for some of our classrooms, said Principal Kayla Bell.

The 1st grade classes were the largest at Nancy Ryles Elementary School. The support staff that Bell spoke of includes instructional assistants for those teachers.

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