PORTLAND Two lawsuits will be filed against the Portland branch of the Boys and Girls Club, according to Portland attorneys Steven Crew, Peter Janci, and Hollis McMilan.

According to the attorneys, the cases will be brought on behalf of two victims who were five and ten years old at the time of the abuse in 2010 and 2011.

The lawsuits allege that the Boys and Girls Club failed to properly supervise children in its care and failed to remove the offending volunteer after receiving earlier reports of child sexual abuse at a Boys and Girls Club facility.

Lawyers went on to describe how a volunteer was discovered abusing the first victim, a five-year old girl, at a Boys and Girls Club facility in Forest Grove and was removed from the program. Attorneys contend within a year that same volunteer was permitted to re-register as a volunteer at a Boys and Girls Club in Hillsboro where he sexually assaulted the second victim, a ten-year old girl.

A statement from the organization said they did not yet have details about the allegations.

First and foremost, we want to express our concern for the alleged victims, as the safety and well-being of the young people we serve has always been, and remains, our top priority. As with any situation involving the well-being of the young people served by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Portland, we will cooperate fully with the judicial process.

We want to assure parents of our ongoing commitment to the safety of their children and invite them to visit our operations at any time. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Portland Metropolitan Area will withhold further comment until we learn more about the specific allegations - Melissa Froman, Director of Resource Developmen

The two lawsuits each seek $275 million in damages from the organization.

The firm regularly represent victims of child abuse.

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