PORTLAND -- The sun's coming out and in addition to slimming down for summer, there's another more painful ritual ladies use to prep for bikini season.

But this year, there's a sweet alternative with the growing trend of sugaring.

Forget the wax - beauty doesn't always have to hurt that bad. It can actually be pretty sweet.

Mix in water, lemon juice and sugar and you get a recipe for sugaring, the all natural way to get rid of unwanted body hair.

Portland is a great place for it especially because people seek out more eco-friendly more natural options for hair removal, Stephanie Kalley, a local sugarista added, there s no risk of lifting skin, no risk of burning.

Kalley says more women are practicing the more pleasant and less painful way of removing body hair.

Sugar extracts the hair in the same direction that it grows in so when I mold the paste on, it wraps around the hair and sinks into the hair of the follicle so it's more lubricated and coming out in the natural direction it grows, Kalley said.

Mayme Burman, 23, started getting sugared a year ago and hasn t turned back since.

I like it way more than waxing, because it's not hot and I have sensitive skin, so it doesn t get red when I do it, Burman said.

The biggest benefit to getting sugared for Mayme is reducing hair regrowth.

Just having slower hair growth is the number one benefit.That's why I do it, because I want to be able to throw shorts on when I feel like it, Burman said.

With sugar, you can extract hair that's 1/16 of an inch or 1/8 of an inch long, Kalley said.

The history of sugaring dates back hundreds of years to ancient Egyptians. Sugaring salons are popular in Europe but just now slowly spreading through Portland. The method is still unfamiliar to many.

I have not heard of sugaring before, I'm a waxer, Natalie Peters Martinsaid.

I ve never heard of it before. Any waxing I've done have just been traditional wax and fairly painful, but I guess you go through any measures you get for beauty, Emily Harrington said.

The hot wax getting ripped off doesn t always agree with my skin. Anything a little different will be neat, Whitney Mallard, another Portlander who will try sugaring, said.

The candy-coated paste is one sweet ritual where you can have all your sugar and look good, just fight the urge to eat it.

It's pretty tasty, tastes just like sugar, surprise! Kalley said.

We don't recommend eating the paste.

Sugaring is not just for women, men have also got their chest and back hair sugared.

The art is expected to grow in a year or two in the Portland area.

There are three sugaristas in the Portland area.

Sugar Me

The Sugarista

Treatment Skin and Body

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