CLACKAMAS - A Clackamas woman KGW's Unit 8 investigators busted last month for taking money up front, but never showing up with her weed-eating goats, is starting to pay some victims back.

Georgina Perry and her company Goat Rental NW owed thousands of dollars to at least a half dozen customers who hired her goats to eat up their weeds.

Although Perry had signed an agreement with the Department of Justice and told us she was paying everyone she owed back, she still has not. But at least one customer KGW interviewed says she just got a full refund of $350.

I got a refund for $350 from Goat Rental NW. When I talked to the Dept. of Justice earlier in the week, the lady there said she thought Georgina was selling the goats at auction and would be moving away. So I feel fortunate to get my money back. Thank you (and KGW) for your part in making it happen, Jean Drake from Boring said in an e-mail.

Unfortunately, another family Perry owes more than $1,200 to has yet to see a dime of their money.

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