SEATTLE -- For Washington State s Seismologist, Dr. John Vidale, Wednesday was one of those rare days where it didn t seem to end.

First there was the major quake in Indonesia which took up most of the morning, by afternoon, the earth was moving off the coast of Oregon, and about the same time another temblor hit Mexico.

None of the earthquakes caused widespread damage or injuries. But three large shakers in such a short time begs the question. What is going on with the earth?

It makes us wonder especially the Mexico and Oregon ones which are only a minute apart, but it is most likely just a coincidence, saidVidale.

The Indonesia quake measured a magnitude 8.6, the one off the Oregon coast 5.9, and the one in the sparsely populated portion of Mexico was also considered strong.

Vidale says there is debate among scientists on just how connected the world s quakes are.

There is no debate that it is not a question of if, but when the next big quake will hit the Northwest.

It is only every 20 or 30 years that, things really get shaken up in the Pacific Northwest, but when they do, of course it is very serious business, said Vidale.

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