PORTLAND - With 30,000 Facebook fans Portland based gDiapers has acquired a national following.

The company sells diapers which can be flushed or composted as well as a cloth option.

If we want our kids to have a world in the future our work needs to start from birth, said loyal gDiapers customer Dawn Galli.

Friday, the company hosted Moms from as far away as Florida and Michigan who wanted a look at the company covering the bottoms of their babies. They paid their own way to Portland to meet founder Kim Graham-Nye and her husband Jason, who is the CEO.

The couple put out an invitation on Facebook to their monthly tea and interested customers responded.

One woman responded from New Jersey and said I m coming over. I want to meet other G mums, said Jason.

Kim and Jason moved from Australia more than six years ago to set up their company.

Our research showed Portland was really the center for sustainability, explained Kim.

Their quest for an Earth-friendly diaper started when Kim got pregnant with their first child.

We learned that one disposable diaper takes 500 years to break down and we were just shocked, she said.

Their product starts with a reusable cotton cover with a water proof lining which sells for $16. Inside, moms and dads can put the flushable or compostable liner or a cloth washable insert. The flushable liners cost about 30 cents each.

For their Facebook fans, the company has taken them beyond diaper duty. Andrea Piva came from Sacramento for the G tea.

This has given me friendships and support. All these things I needed to transition to a new place when I moved and it has saved my sanity as a new mother.

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