PORTLAND -- Grant student Leah Alpern explained why the staff of the school magazine wanted to write a 10 page report on hazing at the high school.

The point was to say why do students think this is okay?

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The school was rocked by a January hazing incident which turned into an investigation for the sex crimes unit last month.

Portland Police turned the results of that investigation over to the District Attorney s office.

The D.A. s office will not charge anyone with an adult crime but says it has turned the investigation over to the juvenile division.

We think it s pretty much done. It s clear it s been turned over to juvenile authorities and we don t expect anything to come of that, said Dave Austin, a parent and advisor to the school magazine.

The Grant magazine report describes the locker room incident involving six J-V basketball players. It says two players were flickering the lights while two other players attacked two teammates.

A lot of hazing involves joking around and then someone takes it too far and that s what happened in this situation, said student Ruby Sutton who writes for Grant Magazine.

The magazine s advisor offered his assessment,

I think what happened was a fight in the locker room and that alerted the administration that there were things about the culture of our school that needed to change.

The journalism students say things have changed.

I know speaking to one of the victims the students involved are trying to move forward and want to maintain good relationships with each other, said student writer Hanna Olson.

The two victims and three of the accused went through mediation. A fourth suspected attacker was expelled from Grant.

The Grant Magazine report also looks at the influence of pop culture which the students say can make questionable actions seem acceptable

Now I know to look for traditions crossing the line, said student Emma Decker.

Student Ryan Yambra agrees, We all need to stand up for each other and the students at Grant are ready to do that.

Editor's note: KGW previously aired an interview with a woman who identified herself as a relative of one of the hazing victims. KGW removed the story from its website when the woman's identity and report could not be corroborated by other sources.

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