PORTLAND One protest took place and another was scheduled Saturday in Portland.

Calling them the D-17 (December 17) protests nationwide, organizers in New York said they would gather at noon downtown Manhattan, for an all day performance event to re-occupy in the wake of the coordinated attacks and subsequent evictions of occupations across the nation and around the world.

On Friday, a small group of Portland protesters moved to SW Naito Parkway, where they occupied Mills End Park, setting up small signs and miniature tents in the world's smallest park. One demonstrator was arrested for refusing to move out of the street after numerous warnings.

Saturday morning a immigrants rights march drew about 200 people to SW Park Avenue and SW Salmon Street. Police said permits were granted for the march.

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A protest against the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act was scheduled to begin at Director's Park at 7 p.m., followed by a march to Pioneer Courthouse Square. No permits were filed for that march, police said.

Occupy Portland encampments in two downtown parks were cleared by police in Portland last month in to support the movement protesting current economic conditions and inequality.

Chapman and Lownsdale Square parks were being restored to the tune of $85,000. Protesters have since been arrested attempting to shut down activity at Portland s ports in recent weeks.

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