WASHOUGAL, Wash. -- Officers checking on the welfare of a Washougal store employee after a 911 call found him sleeping on the floor, and found approximately five pounds of marijuana inside, police said.

Just after noon Saturday an officer was flagged down in front of Mary Jane's House of Glass, at 1825 E Street, according to Washougal Police Sergeant Allen Cook. A citizen said he had been inside the store for about 20 minutes yelling for a store clerk, but nobody came to the counter. Cook said the man then contacted the passing officer because he thought a crime might have been committed inside the store.

Several more officers arrived at the scene and entered the store, announcing their presence in a very loud manner before they began looking for the employees throughout the building, Cook said. They entered an office in the rear of the store and found a man lying on the floor, unresponsive to their commands.

As they continued to search for additional victims or suspects, they found marijuana laying all over the floor, counters, and in open large plastic garbage bags, Cook said.

The man on the floor was eventually awakened and identified himself as 21-year-old Mario Corona, who said he was the lone store employee and he had fallen asleep on the floor. He was detained and accused of marijuana possession while officers obtained and executed a search warrant.

The room with the largest amount of marijuana appeared to be used as a processing room as it contained packaging material, bag sealing machine, scale, loose marijuana, and stripped marijuana stalks, Cook said. Numerous smoking devices containing burnt residue were also seized.

Approximately five pounds of dried marijuana were removed from the store and Corona was booked into the Clark County Jail on one count of felony marijuana possession with intent to deliver.

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