KEIZER, Ore. - A 23-year-old Keizer man has been accused of manslaughter in the death of his 4-year-old stepson.

Police say the youth, Sebastian Iturbe, died Sunday at the hospital in Portland, and an autopsy Tuesday showed the cause was blunt force trauma.

It's horrible, said neighbor Katie Lizama. I've had to explain to my son the little boy you played with you can't play with anymore.

Court documents said the boy had multiple skull fractures and a brain bleed when he was first examined at Salem Hospital.

Police said they're looking for witnesses at the Country Glen Park in north Keizer on Saturday, where the suspect, Gerardo Chavarria Pinzon, is believed to have taken the boy and his 13-month-old sister to play with remote controlled cars.

The court documents said that Pinzon told authorities the boy had fallen down the cement stairs leading to their apartment and hit his head. But police said that explanation was inconsistent with the medical findings. They said Pinzon also later changed his story slightly.

When somebody tells us Idid x-y-z on a certain day we need to go out and confirm that or deny that, said Captain Jeff Kuhns of the Keizer Police Department.

Police said Pinzon took the boy to the hospital himself Saturday afternoon.

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