So what's next for Amanda Knox? How does she move on after four years in the Italian prison?

Clyde Ray Spencer, 63, knows better than anyone what that's like after spending 25 years in prison for a crime he's always sworn he didn't do.

Back in 1985, when Spencer was 36, he was wrongly convicted for violently raping and sexually molesting his two children and stepson. A judge sentenced him to 212 years in prison.

Only last year did new information show the case had been tampered with and evidence withheld that would have shown his innocence. He was eventually cleared and released from prison.

On Monday, while watching the Knox verdict, Spencer said he broke down in tears.

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I knew what she was feeling at that moment as you wait for someone else to dictate what the rest of your life is going to be like, Spencer said.

A former a U.S. Marshal and motorcycle cop, Spencer now lives in Los Angeles and is trying to move on with what's left of his life. Even with a doctorate in psychology, he said people still think he's guilty and he can't get a job in his specialty. Instead, he works as a security guard for $11 an hour.

Spencer said Amanda Knox has to be prepared for that brutal reality and she needs support now more than ever.

She's going to be riding that emotional roller coaster for a long time and they need to understand that and be there for her, he said.

Spencer has also filed a multi-million-dollar federal civil rights lawsuit in hopes of getting something back for the years he lost in prison.

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