ALOHA -- An Aloha man said he was attacked by his neighbor Tuesday night who was shouting gay slurs.

It has been the worst day of my life, said victim David Christensen.

Christensen was working in his home office when he heard a knock at the front door. It was his neighbor, Robert Bosket, so he opened the door.

Before I could get the door open he charged through the door and attacked me, said Christensen. He punched me and pushed me onto the stairs and he was on top of me with his hands around my throat strangling me.

Christensen, who is gay,said Bosket was yelling hateful things.

Calling me homophobic names, slurs, added Christensen.

Struggling to breathe,the 49-year-old says hemanaged to push Bosket away. By this time, Christensen's partner, Kirk Pedersen, had come to his aid.

I guess Ihaven't seen that type of behavior from that individual before, said Pedersen. I wouldn't have expected it from him.

Christensen sits on the neighborhood's homeowner's association. He said Bosket expressed concerns over some recent projects, but he and Pedersen never thought he would retaliate physically and verbally.

I think people need to know what's going on and what gay men, like us, have to live with, said Christensen.

Bosket was accused of burglary, harassment, and strangulation. Detectives said they cannot pinpoint the exact motivation behind the attack.

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