VANCOUVER Police are hoping surveillance photos will help them hunt down and capture the two men who tried to hold up a Vancouver convenience store at gunpoint Tuesday morning.

The robbers walked into the Arco Station store, located near the intersection of NE 137th and Fourth Plain, and threatened the clerk with a gun.

I didn't know if the gun was real. I didn't think I was going to die at that point so I walked out the door and called his bluff, store clerk Vicki Lewis told KGW.

Both suspects got spooked and ran out the door before they got their hands on any money. They were wearing grey hooded sweatshirts and ski masks.

This is a friendly neighborhood store and I don t know why anybody would rob us, Lewis added. I knew he was pointing he was pointing a gun to the back of my head at that time also, but I just ignored him, because I m not going to be terrorized, and it worked.

KGWReporterTim Gordon contributed to this report

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